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How do you work?


DKS is a fully mobile grooming fleet! We have multiple professional groomers who go through strict, breed standard grooming school as well as proper AKC SAFE grooming practices. We come to any address within our service area for all-inclusive dog grooming 7 days per week! We service ALL breeds and sizes. This includes aggressive and senior pets!


      ◦     Our groomers follow a route based system like UPS or FedEx delivery drivers. They work along the route for each individual house scheduled! We typically spend about an hour per groom, and we allow for drive time between appointments! Because all pets are different, we cannot guarantee an exact appointment time frame or duration.




When can I expect you once I’m scheduled for a route date?


Because we have cancellations, add ons, or route changes continuously, our route can be very fluid. Until the day before your groom, anytime frame is an estimate due to same day cancellations that arise.


One week before your scheduled appointment, you will receive our curtesy reminder message of your upcoming appointment date. We allow everyone on the route to cancel, confirm, or reschedule their appointments before building the route. Depending on client density in some areas, we may start or end in your area on various days. You will receive your confirmation message the day before you groom with an estimated time of arrival for your pooches appointment! This is roughly a 90 minute window of when your groomer should arrive. Our groomers typically let you know when they are at the appointment before you, are running ahead, or behind.



What if the time frame given for my pooches appointment doesn’t work for me?


Unfortunately due to the logistics that go into our system of routing, we cannot guarantee a time frame on the day of your groom. We try our best to be there during the time frame listed, but due to unexpected situations like weather, traffic, poorly behaved fur babies, or even matted pooches, we sometimes run behind. If you cannot be there during your scheduled appointment time frame, or need to leave for any reason before or during the groom, we do offer latch key services! We can also reschedule for another date that you will be available.


What are latch key services?


If you would like to use these services, just let our office know! You can leave your pet accessible in a kennel, fenced area, or leave a key or key code for your groomer to get to your dog and return them once they are finished. We can save a card on file for a quick check out process! No payment is due until services are completed!


Do you need any water or electricity hooked up?


No! Our vans are completely self-sufficient! They are equipped with a generator and water pump system to power our entire grooming van! We also have full service stainless steel grooming tub systems for easy sanitation between grooms. We also use high quality, forced air blow driers to dry dogs completely, and quickly. We have adjustable grooming tables that retract all the way to the floor for easy transfer of dogs from the floor to the grooming station or tub!

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