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Blow Drying

Tori Ingles

Hi, my name is Tori Ingle. I'm a native of the small town of Simsboro, east West Monroe. I come from strong southern roots; where family means everything, you never slack at work, and give praise to the Lord. I began working at Delta K9 Solutions in January of 2018. When I started I was a kennel worker. From there I began working as a Groomer's Apprentice for our sister company DKS Mobile Grooming. Since, I have become Chance and Christi's executive assistant and accounting director for both Delta K9 Solutions and DKS Mobile Grooming. My current job by far exceeds my expectations of what I'd choose to become in life. I would not trade it for anything. My bosses really thrive on apprecation and recognition of their people. We are a small business that has compassion for you and yours, where everyone is part of the family!

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